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The Frank logo in front of a graphic layout of colorful photographs


Project Information

Frank is a creative agency that seeks to challenge the status quo of the ad industry; they believe that brave creativity starts with honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. The agency was seeking a visual identity system that communicates the space they’re creating in which these conversations and the work can exist.

To do this, we created an identity that could be stripped back to its simplest form, and then added elements from there. With lots of negative space and a core palette of black and almost-white, there’s room for Frank to experiment and get a little messy in client work sessions. The unique stencil-based wordmark and secondary mark sit effortlessly amongst it all as powerful brand markers.


  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Printed Collateral
A poster of the Frank logo in a brightly lit room with wooden floors and wallsTwo posters featuring the Frank logo and colorful photos
The letter "f" taken from the Frank logo
Typography for Frank on a mobile device in front of a photo of a colorful orchid. The text says "The ad industry has an honesty problem".
The Frank logo with text reading "Frank is the best policy" in front of a photo of a man wearing an unbuttoned white shirt looking up at a blue sky
The Frank website on a laptop. The laptop sits on a rolling stool in a white room with natural light.Typography for Frank on a mobile device in front of a close-up photo of an orange leather bench. The text reads "Meanwhile, people crave honesty from the bands they love."".
A close-up of the Frank logoA handful of business cards with the Frank logo
A tote bag with the Frank logo on a modern leather armchairA hand holding up a tote bag with the Frank logo on it
Printed collateral for Frank in a stack on a light green tableA hand holding a booklet with the Frank logo on it in front of a light green backgroundFour mobile devices with Instagram posts of Frank brandingA variety of graphic layouts with Frank branding
"If you‘re ready to be frank, we‘re ready to listen.""Frank is the best policy.""We believe in brave creativity."


Creative Director: Elena MiskaWebsite Developer: Divelement

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