Miska Studio

Miska Studio is a New York-based design and creative studio that partners with purpose-driven and culture-forward brands and organizations to create provocative, innovative work that is both iconic and functional.

A woman with a long braided ponytail wearing black leather pants and a lavender-colored top poses in front of stacks of brightly-colored cubes.Printed collateral for Frank in a stack on a light green tableThe COLORFORMS logoA billboard featuring an advertisement for ResonnaireA poster of the Frank logoA grayscale photo of a ballerina stretched out on a folding chairA woman wearing a black dress and a wide-brimmed black hat in front of a blue and green backgroundSeveral copies of a magazine titled "Zenzine" arranged neatly on a tableA gold fan, a red flower, and a large leaf in a vaseA handful of business cards with the Frank logoTwo men in an action pose in front of a gray backgroundBranding for Resonnaire in front of a photo of a rocky landscape on a bright sunny dayA blue and red illustration of a nude figure with the Dipsea logoA tote bag with the Frank logo on itA woman wearing black and light green patterned clothes in front of a dark blue and light green colored backgroundThe COLORFORMS logo in yellow in front of two people dancing in a room lit with blue lightSeveral copies of a magazine opened to different pages arranged neatly on a tableTwo flowers with long stems in a small vase in front of a black backgroundA ballerina dancing in front of a mirror with a grand pianoPosters featuring branding for ResonnaireA magazine opened neatly on a tableA man with long hair and a leather jacket in harsh lightingThree posters with branding for Dipsea stood upright on a yellow table